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Handling Depression After a Work Accident

Sometimes an injury at the workplace isn’t immediately visible. A broken bone, a traumatic injury, an exhausting sickness: each of these issues comes with a clear set of symptoms. If you’re feeling depressed after a work injury, you might not

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ICD-10 Upgrades the Worker Compensation Process

For the last thirty years, the United States’ healthcare industry has operated within the codes and procedures of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9). In October of 2015 however, the federal government mandated an upgrade to the

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Misclassification of Independent Contractors (IC) in Massachusetts

Definition of Independent Contractor Many states, including Massachusetts, use the “ABC Test” to separate independent contractors from employees. The following three criteria are necessary to qualify for independent contractor status: Part A of the Massachusetts law on independent contractor status

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Workers Compensation and Pre-existing Conditions in Massachusetts

Workers compensation isn’t always a straightforward process. In Massachusetts today, we’re seeing a lot of workers compensation claims that involve “pre-existing conditions.” In this blog, I try to address what you should know. What is a Pre-Existing Condition? A pre-existing

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This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Family How Much You Care

Valentine’s Day should not just be a time to buy roses; it’s also a time to show your family how much you care for them. Discover three ways you can financially & medically protect your family this Valentine’s Day. Protect

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Boston will Soon be Able to Revoke Permits at Unsafe Work Sites

According to the Boston Globe, officials in the city will soon be able to revoke a construction permit for any worksite deemed unsafe for workers. Under the latest safety measure, city officials will be able to revoke an existing permit,

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The Cost of Failure to Pay Workers’ Compensation Insurance

According to the United States Department of Labor, occupational injuries cost companies up to $170 billion every year. And some try to skirt the law; A Stoughton-based business owner was recently charged with multiple counts of fraud related to his

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¿Qué significa compensación de los trabajadores sin prejuicios?

Según el Departamento de Trabajo, casi 80 millones de dólares en compensación y facturas médicas se han pagado a los trabajadores de Massachusetts lesionados en el trabajo – ¡En los primeros 11 meses de 2016! Sin embargo, el proceso de

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¿Son imponibles las reclamaciones de compensación de trabajadores en Massachusetts?

A partir de Noviembre de 2016, ha habido 2,379 reclamaciones de compensación de trabajadores presentados en el estado de Massachusetts, según al Departamento de Trabajo. Cuando usted está herido en el trabajo, usted depende de la compensación de los trabajadores

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Are Worker’s Compensation Claims Taxable in Massachusetts?

As of November 2016, there have been 2,379 workers’ compensation claims filed in the state of Massachusetts, according to the Department of Labor. When you’re hurt on the job, you depend on workers’ compensation to allow you to pay your

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