Immigrant workers being exploited in recent construction growth

Thousands of immigrants, many undocumented, helping meet demand for workers in construction are doing often dangerous work for contractors seeking cheap labor. Many credible studies have found that these workers, wanting desperately to support their families are often paid below

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Two Boston Workers Killed in Flooding Accident

In 2014, 4,821 workers died while on the job, according to OSHA. While this is an improvement from the almost 14,000 workers who died every year before OSHA was established in 1971, it’s still far too high.  And tragically, in

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Workers Compensation for Flight Attendants

Many find it surprising that  flight attendants have a higher injury rate than police officers, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics. These on-the-job injuries show how flight attendants working at airports like Boston Logan may lack the safety protections

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Cambridge Construction Worker Rescued from Thirty Foot Pit

Throughout history, construction has been one of the most dangerous professions.  Some construction projects are notorious for their high death counts — the Panama Canal had an estimated 30,609 worker deaths, for ex. Thankfully, safety standards have evolved exponentially since

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Massachusetts Workers Comp Patients: Opioid Prescriptions Declining

New data shows that Massachusetts doctors aren’t prescribing opioids to patients as often as they once did. Given the high rate of opioid prescription in this state in the past, this decrease may be a positive change for patients dealing

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Crane Tips over, Injuring Worker in Medford

A Massachusetts worker was injured recently when a crane tipped over on the Medford-Everett line. This accident is yet another reminder of the need for proper workplace safety procedures on construction sites. About the Incident According to the news article,

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Extending Mode of Operation Claim for Premises Liability Cases

A recent decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) may present a new challenge for business owners, especially those who provide “self-service” options for their customers. In the recent case of Bowers vs. P. Wile’s, Inc., the court overturned

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Massachusetts DIA – What You Need to Know

If you are injured or become ill on the job in Massachusetts, the law says you are entitled to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation system. These benefits help compensate you for your medical expenses and for any time you may

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OSHA stand down

As Worker’s Compensation attorneys, we understand and support the need for workplace safety. The stronger the focus on maintaining a safe worksite, the lower the chance of accidents that result in injury or death. According to the Occupational Safety and

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Boston-Area Companies Must Pay $129,000 for Asbestos Violations

When people think about workers’ comp, they often think of falling off ladders or accidents with machiner. While those cases do exist, you may also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you have suffered any kind of work-related illness or injury, even

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Construction Accident: $1,500,000
Steel I-beam fell from wood framing and fell on welder who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), thoracic spine compression fracture, fractured clavicle, fractured ribs, and crushed foot/ankle.

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