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Workers Compensation and Pre-existing Conditions in Massachusetts

Workers compensation isn’t always a straightforward process. In Massachusetts today, we’re seeing a lot of workers compensation claims that involve “pre-existing conditions.” In this blog, I try to address what you should know. What is a Pre-Existing Condition? A pre-existing

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The Cost of Failure to Pay Workers’ Compensation Insurance

According to the United States Department of Labor, occupational injuries cost companies up to $170 billion every year. And some try to skirt the law; A Stoughton-based business owner was recently charged with multiple counts of fraud related to his

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Are Worker’s Compensation Claims Taxable in Massachusetts?

As of November 2016, there have been 2,379 workers’ compensation claims filed in the state of Massachusetts, according to the Department of Labor. When you’re hurt on the job, you depend on workers’ compensation to allow you to pay your

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What Does Workers Compensation Without Prejudice Mean?

According to the Department of Labor, nearly $80 million in compensation and medical bills have been paid out to Massachusetts workers injured on the job – in just the first 11 months of 2016!  But the process submitting a claim

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Massachusetts DIA – What You Need to Know

If you are injured or become ill on the job in Massachusetts, the law says you are entitled to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation system. These benefits help compensate you for your medical expenses and for any time you may

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OSHA stand down

As Worker’s Compensation attorneys, we understand and support the need for workplace safety. The stronger the focus on maintaining a safe worksite, the lower the chance of accidents that result in injury or death. According to the Occupational Safety and

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Boston-Area Companies Must Pay $129,000 for Asbestos Violations

When people think about workers’ comp, they often think of falling off ladders or accidents with machiner. While those cases do exist, you may also qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you have suffered any kind of work-related illness or injury, even

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5 Signs you should Call a Workers Compensation Attorney

Just because you are injured on the job doesn’t mean your employer will happily start mailing you workers compensation checks. In fact, over half of workers injured while performing their job will need the assistance of a Massachusetts workers compensation lawyer to obtain

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Workers Compensation in the On-Demand Economy

What will constitute a good job in the future? With the rise of the on-demand economy, the definition of employment gets ever murkier. And as more companies save money by using contractors rather than employees, workers compensation and other benefits may become

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Massachusetts Workers Comp Case – DiCarlo Is A Landmark Victory for Workers

Massachuetts Workers Compensation case- Dicarlo is a win for workers

No Workers Comp Lien for Pain and Suffering in Third-Party Settlements In a landmark case (DiCarlo vs. Suffolk Construction), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision today that states once and for all that there is no workers’ compensation

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