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Boston auto accident attorney, John J. Sheehan has been helping automobile accident victims since 1993. Many people involved in Boston car accidents have legal questions such as these:

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How does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance cover auto accidents?

PIP benefits covers up to $2,000 in medical bills and the rest must be covered by your private health insurance. If you have no health insurance, PIP benefits may cover up to $8,000 in medical bills. It also covers 75 percent of lost wages, but up to the limit $8,000, which is a combined limit for medical bills and lost wages.

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Although I have PIP insurance, what are my rights to sue?

Under Massachusetts law, you can sue another party in an auto accident case if these conditions exist:

  • Medical bills (necessary and reasonable) exceed $2,000
  • Your injury consists of a fracture, permanent disfigurement, partial or whole loss of limb, or a loss of sight, hearing, or another sense
  • Death occurred

If I have PIP coverage, why do I need a lawyer?

Serious injury usually results in extreme expenses, especially when permanent disability occurs. A Boston auto accident lawyer can investigate and identify other sources of compensation, such as the manufacturer of defective auto parts or government entity for unsafe roads, if these were factors in causing the accident.

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What other damages can you obtain by suing?

You can seek economic damages, including property damage, lost wages, and medical bills. You also can sue for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, scarring, mental and emotional suffering, permanent disability, inconvenience, loss of consortium (spousal relations), and loss of enjoyment of life.

How do you get your car fixed?

In an auto accident, the responsible party’s insurance must pay for your towing, storage, rental car, and vehicle repair costs. The defendant’s insurance company can cover these costs or your collision insurance can cover the costs. Attorney Sheehan can advise you on the best way to fix your car.

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