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Boston Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites are known to be some of the most dangerous workplaces in the country. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those working in construction in 2009 had a rate of fatalities that was triple that of the average worker. While strict regulations are in place to prevent accidents and fatalities in the construction industry, it is an unfortunate reality that many organizations fail to adhere to safety guidelines. As a result, workers are injured and sometimes even die with disturbing regularity.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed on a construction site, Massachusetts’ personal injury laws may protect you. As a personal injury lawyer, I have helped numerous clients following construction accidents. I understand the laws and regulations of the construction industry and I know how to pursue a successful legal case against negligent parties. Let me use my skills as a personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you need for your injuries.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

A lot is happening at any given moment on a construction site. Between heavy equipment, tight deadlines and poor management, workers can be exposed to a wide range of accidents, including ladder accidents, and injuries due to lack of adequate fall protection and unsecured loads. Many of of these accidents can have disastrous results.

Some of the more common construction site accidents I see as a personal injury lawyer include:

Although there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong on a construction site, ranging from scaffold accidents to welding accidents, there are also significant safety requirements to which companies must adhered. Safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are in place to minimize the risks associated with construction work, including falls from roofs and work platforms, crane accidents and excavation and trench accidents, but they can only protect you if everyone is adhering to them, including your co-workers and your employer.

Common Construction Site Injuries

There are a number of injuries that are common on construction sites, including:

  • Lifting injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Amputations
  • Burns

Every injury that occurs on a construction site, from neck injuries to less obvious injuries such as concussions, can have far-reaching consequences for the victim. To make matters worse, there is often a culture in industrial and construction industries to play down any pain or injuries that you do sustain. As a personal injury lawyer, I see this more often than I like.

Determining Who Is at Fault in Your Construction Site Accident

As a construction site worker, you take on a certain level of risk just by working in your industry. This is something you probably know well. Day in and day out, you are trying to get the job done while observing all the safety precautions you were trained to use. However, many things are beyond your control. No matter how safety-conscious you are, you are still at risk of being hurt through the negligence of another party.

One of the most important things I do as a personal injury attorney is to investigate accidents and demonstrate who was at fault. I have a proven ability to examine your accident, including visiting where it happened and collecting witness testimony on what occurred, to piece together the facts surrounding what happened.

If you were hurt through the fault of another, as your personal injury lawyer, I can prove this to the court. It is this proof of fault that will ensure that you get compensation from the responsible party.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Pursues Third-Party Claims

Sometimes when you are working on a construction site, you wind up working with different subcontractors. If one of these other companies or anyone working for them is the responsible party for the accident, we can pursue a third-party claim. We can also pursue legal action against equipment manufacturers in a third-party claim if it was equipment malfunction – due to manufacturing defects – that led to your injury.

Your Boston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you care for have been hurt while working in the construction industry, I am here to help. As a personal injury lawyer, I offer free initial consultations, so you can contact me to discuss your situation without any worry about cost. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, I am ready to work as your personal injury lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Contact meJohn J. Sheehan – your Boston personal injury lawyer, so I can begin working on your case. If necessary, I can come to your hospital or your home if you cannot make it to me. As your personal injury lawyer, I can ensure that your voice is heard and that you are fairly compensated for what happened.

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