How a Boston Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You Pursue a Claim

Since 1993, Boston truck accident lawyer John J. Sheehan has successfully helped people receive compensation for serious truck accident injuries.

The nature of a truck accident case

In a truck accident case, the plaintiff is the person who brings the lawsuit.  The defendant is the person or party who the plaintiff believes is responsible for the accident. As a plaintiff in a truck accident case, the defendants you face likely will be a large insurance carrier or trucking company, and typically, these parties’ lawyers aggressively defend their side in a truck accident claim. Immediate investigation is crucial to preserve key evidence for proving liability.

Also, the plaintiff must have an in-depth knowledge of trucking industry regulations. A Boston truck accident lawyer with years of experience knows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, can recognize violations, and is able to identify liable parties who are sources of compensation in your truck accident.

Negotiating skills play a vital role

Because most motor vehicle accidents are settled outside of court, skills brought to the negotiating table are important. You do not want to be saddled with a settlement that does not cover your current and past medical bills, lost wages, future lost income capacity, or need for future medical treatment. Insurance company representatives negotiate claims for a living, and their focus is on saving costs for the insurance company.

A skilled Boston personal injury attorney can anticipate the negotiation tactics used and employ an effective strategy to help you receive the compensation entitled by law. With a competent Boston trucking accident lawyer at your side, reaching a settlement becomes a deliberation between professionals and takes the stress off of you.

When a claim becomes a lawsuit

Sometimes a fair settlement cannot be reached. When this occurs, your lawyer files a lawsuit and takes your case to court. The best lawyers are both highly skilled negotiators and effective trial lawyers. I invite you look at some of my results and rely on my skills. Your initial consultation is free and you owe no fees unless I am successful.

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