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Case Results - Attorney John Sheehan

Construction site accident – $1,500,000

Steel I-beam fell from wood framing and fell on welder who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), thoracic spine compression fracture, fractured clavicle, fractured ribs, and crushed foot/ankle. Following extensive litigation with the general contractor, subcontractors and suppliers to the job site, case settled at mediation.

Slip and fall at construction site – $656,000

Carpenter foreman slipped and fell on ice at construction site. Client injured his lower back and suffered a herniated disc at L4-5 with impingement requiring surgery. Settled workers comp claim for $200,000 and third-party claim against general contractor for $456,000.

Traumatic Brain Injury – $450,000

Valet attendant at auto dealership fell from ladder and struck head on the ground. Suffered massive skull fracture and traumatic brain injury. Workers comp case settled prior to Hearing for employee’s claim for permanent and total disability benefits.

Slip and fall at construction site – $435,000

Specialty painter/plasterer slipped and fell on job site due to foreign substance/debris on the floor. As a result, client suffered a left ankle fracture and herniated lumbar disc. Client underwent an open reduction with internal fixation to repair the fractured ankle. Settled workers comp claim for $110,000 and third-party claim against the general contractor and subcontractors for $325,000.

Work Related Neck, Back and Shoulder Injury – $350,000

Owner/operator of fiber optic cable installation company sustained repetitive trauma injury to his neck, lower back and shoulder performing work as a fiber optic installer for his company. MRI testing confirmed herniated discs in the cervical spine and lumbar spine. Employee underwent multiple surgeries including C5-7 discectomy and fusion, shoulder arthroscopies with subacromial decompression and rotator cuff repair. Claim settled prior to a Hearing on Insurer’s complaint to modify/discontinue weekly benefits and Employee’s claim for § 34A permanent total benefits.

Work Related Slip and Fall – $275,000

Service Director for car dealership slipped and fell on wet floor on employer’s premises and sustained multiple injuries including non-union, fractured left femur, comminuted fractured left patella and fractured left medial malleolus. Employee underwent surgeries to the left femur, left patella and left ankle to repair the fractures. Employee had to have further surgery the following year to repair further the fractured femur which was still non-union from the original surgery. Prior to Hearing, the case settled, and the Insurer accepted liability for all future treatment related to the employee’s injuries.

Construction Accident – $275,000

Working foreman injured his right dominant shoulder while using a jackhammer.  MRI confirmed partial-thickness rotator cuff tear.  Employee underwent right shoulder arthroscopy to repair the rotator cuff tear.  Post-surgery employee continued to suffer severe, persistent pain in the right shoulder and right upper extremity.  Employee’s chronic pain was diagnosed as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a serious pain condition also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Causalgia. In addition to his physical injuries, Employee also developed anxiety and depression related to severe, constant pain caused by CRPS.  Claim was settled at mediation on a lump sum payment basis with liability accepted for payment of future medical treatment for the above physical and non-physical conditions.

Work Related Back Injury – $275,000

Employee injured his lower back while lifting a heavy aluminum platform with co-workers. Previously, Employee injured his lower back and underwent back surgery while working for the same employer. Employee received conservative medical treatment for his second back injury. Employee’s medical expert opined that he suffered a permanent exacerbation of his prior underlying back condition and, as a result, was permanently and totally disabled from all work including light, sedentary work.  Claim settled prior to a Hearing for permanent and total workers compensation benefits under MGL c. 152, §34A with liability accepted for disc bulges at L3-4 and L4-5, chronic low back pain, exacerbation of prior work-related low back injury status post-surgery.

Slip and fall at work – $275,000

Car dealership service director slipped and fell on floor at employer’s premises and suffered a fractured femur, shattered patella and fractured ankle. Client underwent multiple surgeries to repair the fractures. Client never fully recovered from his injuries. He sustained an aggravation of pre-existing osteoarthritis to the injured and developed right shoulder impingement syndrome as a result of his use of a cane. Claim settled prior to a Hearing on the employee’s claim for §34A permanent and total incapacity benefits.

Rotator Cuff Tear – $250,000

Animal Lab Technician at hospital injured shoulder at work pulling a cart. Employee suffered a rotator cuff tear. Employee underwent multiple shoulder surgeries. Employee developed adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. Workers comp case settled prior to Hearing for employee’s claim for permanent and total disability benefits. In addition, obtained Social Security Disability benefits for injured worker.

Fall at construction site – $250,000

Boilermaker fell from elevated height. Suffered left ankle fracture and back injury. Filed a lawsuit against the general contractor for failing to ensure that client was provided with fall protection. Third-party claim settled at mediation for $250,000 with waiver of workers comp lien of $207,399.49.

Motor vehicle pedestrian accident -$250,000

Pedestrian hit by car while crossing street in marked crosswalk. Suffered comminuted left tibial fracture requiring surgery. Settlement of $250,000 (policy limits) at mediation.

Work Related Electrical Shock Injury – $200,000

Employee suffered an electrical shock injury while working on a compressor. As a result of the electrical shock, Employee sustained serious, disabling permanent injuries including C5-6 extrusion causing severe stenosis. Employee underwent a cervical spinal cord decompression, nerve root decompression, anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Because of excruciating neck pain and instability at C5-6, Employee underwent revision surgery which included C3-6 laminoplasty and C3-T2 fusion/fixation.

Electric table saw accident at work -$200,000

Carpenter suffered a partial amputation of the left hand while operating an electric saw at work. Client required multiple surgeries. Settlement of workers comp claim for $200,000.

Work Related Knee Injury – $195,000

Pipe fitter twisted his knee while descending stairs on job site.  As a result, Employee sustained a torn right medial meniscus.  Employee underwent multiple arthroscopic surgeries to repair the torn meniscus. Eventually, Employee underwent a total knee replacement of the right knee. Claim settled prior to a Hearing for permanent and total workers compensation benefits under MGL c. 152, §34A. As part of the settlement, Insurer accepted liability for Employee’s right knee meniscal tear, right knee arthroscopies, aggravation of right knee medial and patellofemoral osteoarthritis and right total knee replacement.

Work Related Trip and Fall Accident Left Hip Total Arthroplasty – $175,000

Employee tripped and fell at work and hit his left knee and aggravated a prior work-related left hip injury. Employee eventually had to undergo a total left hip replacement surgery. Case settled with liability accepted for both the left knee and left hip injury/aggravation and left hip replacement surgery. Employee was also approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Motor vehicle accident – $175,000

Elderly passenger in motor vehicle (common carrier) thrown to floor as a result of driver of common carrier making a sharp turn at high speed. Fractured hip requiring hip surgery. Filed a lawsuit and obtained a Court Order for Speedy Trial. Settlement of $175,000.

Slip and fall – $167,500

Elderly pedestrian slipped and fell on unnatural accumulation of ice caused by discharge of water coming from nearby house basement onto a public sidewalk. Fractured hip requiring surgery. Settlement of $167,500 at mediation.

Back Injury at Work – $160,000

Bus Driver injured back pulling a wheel chair bound client up ramp. Multiple herniated discs to lumbar spine. Conservative treatment included epidural steroid injections. Workers comp case settled prior to Hearing. In addition, obtained Social Security Disability benefits for injured worker.

Work accident – $160,000

Laborer hit by bucket of excavator while working in sewer trench. Laceration of right arm and artery. Underwent emergency surgery to repair severed artery. Settlement of workers comp claim for $80,000 plus settlement of third-party claim for $80,000.

Work accident – $150,000

Laborer hit in jaw by debris thrown from window by co-worker. Fractured mandible and neck/back injury. Settlement of workers comp claim for $150,000.

Lifting injury at work – $150,000

Employee injured his lower back and suffered a herniated lumbar disc while lifting at work. Settlement of workers comp claim against two insurers for $150,000.

Motorcycle Accident Cervical Disc Herniation – $150,000

Motorcycle operator traveling straight on main road collided with a vehicle exiting a parking lot. Driver of the vehicle alleged that the motorcycle operator was speeding and that his view of the oncoming motorcycle was obstructed by trees at the opening of the parking lot. Upon impact, motorcycle operator was thrown onto the hood of the other vehicle and smashed the windshield. Motorcycle operator was wearing a helmet. Motorcycle operator injured his neck. An MRI confirmed significant stenosis at C5-7. Motorcycle operator underwent C5-7 cervical decompression and fusion surgery. A lawsuit was filed against the operator and owner of the other motor vehicle. The case settled at mediation.

Lifting injury at work – $140,000

Employee injured both shoulders while lifting heavy bag of laundry at work. Bilateral rotator cuff tears with surgery to both shoulders. Settlement of workers comp claim for $140,000.

Motor Vehicle Accident Distal Humerus Fracture – $130,000

Rear-seated passenger in vehicle going straight that was hit by another vehicle making a left turn. Passenger sustained a fractured left arm (distal humerus fracture) and underwent open reduction with internal fixation surgery to repair the fracture. Following surgery, passenger received physical therapy. A lawsuit was filed against both drivers alleging that both drivers were negligent. The case settled at mediation.

Lifting injury at work—$110,000

Employee injured her lower back while lifting heavy boxes at work. Lower back injury. Settlement of workers comp claim for $110,000.

Fall at work—$100,000

Carpenter fell from elevated height while standing on load of OSB being lifted by Lull forklift. Left femur fracture and multiple fractures of the jaw, face, nose, mouth, and teeth. Employee filed claim for §28 benefits alleging that accident caused by employer’s serious and willful misconduct. Client recovered from his injuries and was released to return to work. Settlement of workers comp claim for $100,000.

Work accident—$100,000

Laundry worker injured wrist while loading washing machine. Left wrist (distal radius) fracture. Settlement of workers comp claim for $100,000.

Motor vehicle accident—$95,000

School bus driver hit by another vehicle operated by third party. Lumbar sprain and sciatica. Settlement of workers comp claim for $75,000 plus settlement of third-party claim for $20,000.

Pedestrian Car Accident  – $90,000

Pedestrian was standing next to pick-up truck with driver’s door open while speaking to the driver. Suddenly, the truck rolled forward. The open driver’s door bumped against a nearby telephone pole causing it to swing, hit the pedestrian knocking her to the ground. As the pedestrian was on the ground, the rear tire of the pick-up truck ran over her left arm and left side.

Pedestrian suffered multiple lacerations and injuries including left scaphoid fracture, phalangeal fractures of the left 4th and 5th fingers, left medial epiconylar fracture. Her fractures were treated non-operatively. Case settled at mediation.

Motor vehicle accident—$77,500

Client hit by another vehicle that ran a red light. Facial contusion and knee sprain with plica requiring surgery. Defendant stipulated to liability when plaintiff moved for partial summary judgment on liability. Jury trial on damages only. Jury verdict of $60,000, which was appealed with subsequent settlement of $77,500.

Lifting injury at work—$75,000

Truck driver injured lower back while opening heavy garage door. Lumbar sprain/strain. Settlement of workers comp claim for $75,000.

Motorcycle Accident – $70,000

Motorcycle operator was hit by car making an illegal U-Turn causing motorcycle operator to be thrown from motorcycle and hit knee on ground. MRI confirmed a torn meniscus. Motorcycle operator treated conservatively including physical therapy and opted not to have knee surgery. Case settled.


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